1985 Born in Aichi, Japan

2012.11  group exhibition "titles", cafe DODO, Nagoya
2012.3   NEW CITY ART FAIR, hpgrp GALLERY, New York
2011.11  solo exhibition “a friend of a friend”, waitingroom, Tokyo
2011.10  EMERGING DIRECTORS' ART FAIR “ULTRA004”, from waitingroom, Tokyo
2011.9   solo exhibition “LOVE VENUS”, gallery Introart, Nagoya
2010.9   solo exhibition “Biscuits to throw away in the forest”, gallery Introart, Nagoya
2010.8   solo exhibition “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window”, music salon HALO, Aichi
2010.5   solo exhibition “Nothing Changed in the World”, gallery Introart Tottori, Tottori
2009.9   group exhibition at Nagoya Design Week Pre Party, Nagoya
2009.8   group exhibition “ART in KURA“, Kurassic-Kan, Matsumoto
2009.7   group exhibition “Papper Dish”, art space Chopstick, Nagoya Zokei University
2009.5   solo exhibition “storage”, art salon AYA, Nagoya
2007.3   graduated from Visual Design Course, Nagoya Zokei University

1985 愛知県生まれ

2012.11  グループ展「titles」cafe DODO, 名古屋
2012.3   NEW CITY ART FAIR, hpgrp GALLERY, ニューヨーク
2011.11  個展「a friend of a friend」waitingroom, 東京
2011.10  エマージング・ディレクターズ・アートフェア「ULTRA004」waitingroom 芦川朋子ブース, 東京
2011.9   個展「LOVE VENUS」gallery Introart, 名古屋
2010.9   個展「森へ捨てるビスケット」gallery Introart, 名古屋
2010.8   個展「She Came in Through the Bathroom Window」music salon HALO, 愛知県
2010.5   個展「世界は何も変わらなかった」gallery Introart Tottori, 鳥取
2009.9   Nagoya Design Week プレパーティー, 名古屋
2009.8   グループ展「蔵の中のアート展」蔵シック館, 松本市
2009.7   グループ展「Paper Dish」art space Chopstick, 名古屋造形大学内スペース
2009.5   個展「STORAGE」ART SALON AYA, 名古屋
2007.3   名古屋造形大学 デザイン学科 視覚伝達デザインコース 卒業